Tonis Pets Ireland Mini Lops

Here you will find the babies I have for sale.


Unfortunately due to a lot of timewasters I am no longer going to be holding pets under any circumstances or keeping a waiting list.  Apologies to potential new owners who are genuinely interested but being messed about too much

If you are interested in any of the pets available or would like to enquire for availability please

PHONE: 0872143992 



FACEBOOK @ TONIS PETS IRELAND                                


Tonis Pets Ireland Netherland Dwarfs
Tonis Pets Ireland Netherland Dwarfs

                                 TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE

My pets are first & foremost just that, my pets! They will only be let go to excellent loving homes, where they will be cared for properly.

They can go to their new homes at 8 weeks old, unless I feel they would benefit from staying here longer.

Rabbits are very social animals & prefer to live in pairs or groups. Male/female pairs (when spayed/neutered) & same gender pairs get along fine(even the males) once reared together from kits.

African pygmy hedgehogs are mostly solitary animals & prefer to live alone. However, it is possible for 2 females to get along fine, once reared together. I will not sell 2 males to live together in the same cage, as they will fight.

Sugar Gliders & skinny pigs need company so will ONLY be homed in pairs unless you already have a glider/skinny pig/guinea pig needing company

All pets are 100% healthy before leaving here. I will not be responsible for any pet once it leaves my care.

While every effort is made to correctly tell genders, mistakes can be made so genders are NOT 100% guaranteed.

Due to ALOT of timewasters, I will no longer be holding pets under any circumstances

Buyers must bring a suitable pet carrier or box to take their new pet home.

I will not let any pet go to a new home, if I do not feel the home is suitable. I reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time before completion.

It is understood when you purchase a pet from me that you have read & agreed to these terms & conditions.

African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Baby hoglets now ready for their new homes. Males & females available. Well handled from a very young age so are very friendly. Please contact me for more details

Sugar Gliders



Leucistic, mosaic & classic grey sugar gliders

Mini Lop Rabbits For Sale

*****NEW LITTERS*****

Now ready for their new homes. Bucks & does. Well handled & extremely friendly with lovely temperaments. Make brilliant pets. Excellent examples of their breed from show lines.

Beautiful colours & markings

Beige Doe

Sooty Fawn Buck

Black Self Buck

Choc Fox Doe

Choc Otter Doe

Choc Butterfly Buck

Choc Butterfly Buck

Orange Buck

Choc Tort Buck

Sooty Fawn Doe

Black Self Doe

Blue Otter Butterfly Buck

Choc Self Doe

Choc Self Buck

Black Otter Buck

Orange Butterfly Buck

Orange Tricolour Buck


Netherland dwarfs available, now ready for their new homes. Well handled & very friendly. Bred from top show lines.



Please contact me for availability

Tonis Pets Ireland African Pygmy Hedgehogs
Tonis Pets Ireland Netherland Dwarfs
Tonis Pets Ireland Mini Lops
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