Chinchillas Ireland


Chinchillas are very social animals & prefer to live in pairs or groups. They have excellent temperaments & once well socialised from babies, they have a great bond with their owner.They love attention & are extremely lively. Young children should be supervised when handling a chinchilla.

They have a well rounded body, very dense coat, bright eyes & bushy tails. Mainly active at night, unless there is something interesting going on during the day. They love to take sand baths.

All of my chinchillas are well handled & socialised from an early age, making them brilliant pets.

I breed chinchillas in both standard grey & rare mutation colours including

Standard Grey


White Mosaic

Silver Mosaic


Hetero Ebony

Homo Beige

Hetero Beige



Black Velvet

Brown Velvet

Pink White

Wilson White

Tan White

Here are some of my chinchillas.

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